Lived Experiences

Mapping Belonging/Belonging in Transition (2014-2015)

Two participatory installations created as part of the  #wheredoyoubelong project. Mapping Belonging was co-created with Zeph Fish for OutLook Theater Project’s event Join Us At the Table, held in August 2014 at the Red Poppy Art House, San Francisco, as part of the Mission Arts and Performance Project.  Mapping Belonging consisted of a series of workshops where participants made visual and textual representations of belonging, which the artists used to construct a visual map. 

Belonging in Transition is a participatory installation inspired by the experiences of transition-aged youth all over San Francisco. I conducted a multi-modal workshop with youth, designed to explore belonging through movement, drawing and writing; the material from this workshop, as well as interviews with youth, became the inspiration for the form of the installation piece. Youth were then invited to create small collage pieces that were attached to the installation. The piece was installed at Mercury Cafe in San Francisco.

Photographs by Jason Wyman.

Mapping Belonging, mixed media, 2014


Exhibition at the Mercury Cafe,  October-November 2014