Local Ecologies

Shenandoah Geology – Keswick Hall (2023)

Rebecca Schultz at Council Rock

Shenandoah Geology, Commission for Keswick Hall, Charlottesville Virgina. Acrylic on canvas, 2023

Keswick Hall, a boutique hotel outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, commissioned this triptych for their main hallway. This project was facilitated by curator and art advisor Susannah W. Gold.  The piece features three of the most prominent geologic formations in nearby Shenandoah National Park, organized by geologic timescale: Pedlar granodiorite, which is more than one billion years old; metamorphosed basalt, or Greenstone, which is approximately 570 million years old; and metasedimentary rocks of the Chilhowee formation, which is approximately 500 million years old.