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Installations in Philadelphia-Area Parks (2020)

Rebecca Schultz at Council Rock

What Lies Beneath, site-specific installation at Palumbo Park, Philadelphia, 2020

In 2020, I made a series of site-specific, temporary installations highlighting ecosystems in local parks. In Elkins Park’s High School Park, I highlighed the root system of the park’s centuries-old Oak tree and made a painting on a rock wall constructed of Wissahickon Schist, outlining its crystal structures. In October 2020, I created What Lies Beneath, an installation in Philadelphia’s Palumbo Park, created for the Philadelphia Sculptors’ Exquisite Copse exhibition. The piece made visible the root systems of the Sycamore trees in the park.


Exquisite Copse with Philadelphia Sculptors at the Da Vinci Fest, October 2020

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