Materiality of Place | Public Art

Even Stones Have a Sentience

Rebecca Schultz at Council Rock

Even Stones Have a Sentience, casein paint with soil pigment, milkweed, and rock, 2022

Site-specific installation at Bartram’s Garden, included in the exhibition Queer Ecologies, co-curated by the William Way LGBT Center and Bartram’s Garden. Even Stones Have a Sentience is inspired by my belief that rock queers the binary of what is considered to be living and non-living. Through its relationship with water, rock breaks down and forms soil, which in turn creates the conditions for plant life to flourish. Situated on a living shoreline, Even Stones Have a Sentience will change over the course of the exhibition. All living beings (including humans) interact and express their identities in fluid and unpredictable ways. The ever-evolving nature of this work is queer ecology in action.


Queer Ecologies,  July-August 2022