Materiality of Place

Council Rock (2021-present)

Rebecca Schultz at Council Rock

At Council Rock – Photo by Julia Way

This body of work reflects my developing relationship with Council Rock in Lorimer Park. The site’s name refers to its importance to the Lenape people, who inhabited this land for thousands of years. Council Rock is part of the Wissahickon Schist formation–metamorphic rock marked by undulating, waved bands of minerals which was formed nearly 500 million years ago. I have been visiting Council Rock on a regular basis since August 2021; during these visits, I explore the terrain around the rock, meditate, write, sketch, paint, and make rock rubbings. These explorations make up an evolving body of work, some of which incorporates pigments and inks made from soil and plants found in the Park.


Awbury Arboretum, January/February 2023 (upcoming)