ALL IN: Climate Conversations

I created a site specific installation, Garden of Grief and Resilience, for the exhibition ALL IN: Climate Conversations, curated by Eurhi Jones and Mindy Flexer at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA. The idea for this work came to me a few weeks after my stepson Imrane died in January of this year. Gardening is therapeutic for me, and he had helped me put in many of the native plants now growing in our yard. The plants in this piece represent concentric circles of grief, from personal to regional to general. In the center is sorghum, a grain native to Niger, the home country of my stepson. The next ring is black willow and gray sedge, wetland plants that help absorb runoff and reduce flood risk. The outermost ring includes coneflower, beardtongue, and bluestars, all resilient native pollinator plants adapted to a range of climatic conditions.