My work is a reflection of my reverence for the interconnectedness of the web of life and a desire to move others to more deeply witness the natural world.

Materiality of Place

Amplifying the structure and composition of interrelationships in urban and rural ecosystems.

Rebecca Schultz Council Rock Rubbing
Rebecca Schultz, Local Ecologies

Local Ecologies

Connecting the human and non-human through participatory creation processes and public engagement.

Lived Experiences

Facilitating the multi-modal creation and sharing of stories that illuminate our common humanity.

Rebecca Schultz, Zilliac Box

Current & Upcoming

Queer Ecologies at Bartram’s Garden, July – August 2022

Queer Ecologies at Bartram’s Garden, July – August 2022

I created the site-specific work Even Stones Have a Sentience for the Queer Ecologies exhibition, co-sponsored by the William Way LGBT Center and Bartram's Garden. This site-specific work is inspired by my belief that rock queers the binary of what is considered to be...